CANTERBURY – Got to get away

Get away from the city, that is exactly what I need today. This week at work has been he hardest so far, my baby is still on holiday so my mood was quiet low in general :), so now I have the perfect opportunity to go to Canterbury, the cute university town, and stay overnight.

My ex-house mate, who became something like my little brother the past months, said I could come, after I kind of invited myself, and have a chilled day with him in his hometown. His parents would also like to see me again so whoop whoop here I come people. Can´t wait to eat his mum´s delicious food mmmm yumm.

I´ve been in Canterbury once before, it was this year on Easter Sunday, 31st of March. I went there with 3 colleagues from work, and we had the same feeling back then like the one I have today: Lets leave the big city for a change and get some rest.


We enjoyed our daytrip very much. Here is the top 3 sights we have seen on that day:

*) Canterbury Cathedral – stunning, it is unbelievably big, very impressive.



*) Royal Museum & Free Library, perfect for bad weather, you can imagine how fr-fr-freeeeying it was end of March. Entrance is free and there is some interactive areas inside.

The even had one picture of Gilbert and George in the exhibition, very interesting British artists.


*) St. Augustine´s Abbey

Of course I also had to wave hi to the university, where one of my friends studied for a few months, just to tell her afterwards: I was there! 🙂

I am planning to take the train from London St.Pancras, from there it takes about 55 minutes to Canterbury West. Finally I get to read my book again: Waiting to be heard, by Amanda Knox. #excited

A retourn ticket is about 35 Pounds per person.

So what is a day in Canters with my dude like ? Probably lots of fun. I am dressed, my bag is packed, I am ready to go…BUT WAIT – Whatsapp Message: Amona matey, my mum has the flu today. Not the best time to come today…..

Seriously? Boohoo what a shame 😦 ….seems Canters has to wait for another visit. Hopefully another time soon, fingers crosses 🙂

Thanks to everyone who is reading my blog, I enjoy writing so much. Feel free to ask questions if you want to know something about Canterbury, I am happy to help.




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