VENICE – non vedo l’ora (can´t wait) !!

Hello hello, I am so excited I have got to announce this:

Booked flights yesterday for Venice, me and my boyfriend will go there 22nd to 25th of February!!! Not only is it a few days after my birthday, we will arrive on the first day of the annual Venice Carnival celebrations. This is going to be soooo romantic and amazing.

We have booked our flights with Easy Jet, amazing 72 pounds for a return flight per person, flights from London depart either from Luton or Gatwick airport.

So now I have something to study, all the offcial Carnivale de Venezia websites *whohoo*This one is quiet good for example:


I can´t wait to go there again, the last time I went with my mummy in the year 2000, but we didn´t see the carnival.

So this time I will take a closer look to the city where my parents had their honeymoon and created my lovely self 🙂

That´s why they have chosen Venice as my second name…. #proud

Venice Carnival 2012 #9 : Behind the scenes

So stay tuned, times flies anyway so I will be blogging about Venice soon.

Allora, a piú tardi, ciao ! (I did not Google translate this, I actually learned Italian in school for 4 years and the basics are still in my head!)

Yours, Amona Venice


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