MILAN – dolce far niente

Whohoo girls weekend in Milan.…naaa I’m not going….ok ok let’s go….oh no forget I don’t have money…..okay whatever I’M IN !!!! 🙂 That’s me talking for the past weeks. It was supposed to be a weekend of reunion with my 3 best friends, two of us coming from London, one from Vienna and one from Düsseldorf. One girl can’t make it now so I didn’t wanna go anymore either. But now I got two ex-colleagues and dear friends to visit there and also I don’t want to let my girls down.

It’s friday after noon and we will be going to Milan Malpensa from London Gatwick with Easyjet. Me and my friend aka best flatmate got the tickets for amazing 70 pounds return. Another reason to not stay at home for the weekend 🙂

Hand luggage with max. 100ml liquids #check
Passport #check
Ready to show off my Italian skills #extra-check
Bye bye office, I’m out!!

The first night I will be staying with my friend who worked together with me for a few months and who moved to Milan just a few weeks ago. I’m so happy for him, i love Italy and I can’t wait to have some real Italian food.

 876MilanoDuomo        weekend_milano

 Must see: The Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele – one of the world´s oldest shopping malls!

I’ve been to Milan once,for one day. Actually, to have a nice day of shopping, browsing and sightseeing you don’t need much more time for this city. There are not that many sights anyway and the city is quiet small. As I do crave for sun, mangiare – no saying this word (means eating) without the typical hand move – and quality time with friends, I don’t mind 2 nights at all 😉

I’m excited what tomorrow will bring for sure a lot of DOLCE FAR NIENTE – the sweetness of doing nothing…stay tuned!!
Yours, Amona


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