MILAN – what a great weekend

Back in London, back to work, but still a big smile on my face. That weekend was great fun.
Looking back to Friday around 5pm, I am so happy that I even made it. I missed the train I wanted to take from London Clapham Junction and then had to wait for the next one. My friend left my ticket at the customer service office. In 10 minutes I made it from the train platform to the gate, I literally ran for my life almost crying in fear of missing the flight and all the weekend in Milan-fun. That was a hectic experience which I would prefer not to have again…thanks to myself 🙂

After arrival in Milan Malpensa the cheapest way to the center is to take the shuttle bus for 16 euros return ticket. It takes you to Stazione Centrale in about 50 minutes.
I stayed at my ex-colleagues’ place, district Isola, about 7 minutes by taxi or 2 metro stations from Centrale.

Saturday / Sabato:
I met my girls at the square in front of the Duomo, the number 1 must see in Milan. We went for breakfast at a very nice place nearby in Via Large, called California Bakery. Yummmmy food in cosy athmosphere, molto bueno.

2013-10-12 10.08.46     2013-10-12 10.15.56     2013-10-12 10.40.38
Fit for the day we made our way through Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to a nice shopping street – Via Torino. What happened the next 6 hours pure madness… Clothes, shoes, bags…..oh my god. I performed as shopping assistant for my friends but I didn’t buy anything myself, a wonder alive 😀

Friends of my friend recommended a place for us for dinner, the best place for nice Italian food experience ever. It was a typical Sicilian cuisine place, sooo good. Starter, main course and wine for about 26euros per person. The name: Antica Focacceria S.Francesco

2013-10-12 20.42.19    2013-10-12 21.43.28   2013-10-12 22.18.07

After dinner we went for a drink in a gay bar called L’Elephant, funny place 😉

Another friend recommended a club in the city center for us: Nepentha Club ! Great location, fun people and dancy music. Definitely an advantage as a girl – no entry fee, no paying for drinks the whole night…or maybe we were jusy ridiciously lucky?? 🙂 who knows 😀
I said a nice “buona notte” to my friend around 5.30am.

Sunday / Domenica:
Meeting point Duomo. All we need is food!! We went to have breakfast near a canal in the area of Navigli in a cafe called MAG. Very nice place to relax off a little hangover.

2013-10-13 14.01.28
From there we were advised to follow a nice street with more alternative shops. In a small boutique I bought my new favourite boots yessss 🙂
To finish the day before heading back to the airport we went for nice and filling pizza mmmm.

Arriving at the airport and realising that the flight is 40 minutes delayed is not that cool…thanks Easyjet…but that of course can’t take our fun memories from this weekend.

Milan – mille grazie and see you again soon :-*

2013-10-13 14.42.15   2013-10-13 14.36.48

Thank you for reading this blog. Please like, share, comment and follow me, much appreciated. I look forward to read your blogs as well.

xxx, Amona


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