ONE NIGHT IN…? Well, where to actually?

This is to all my followers, bloggers and passionate travelers who happen to read my blog:

Where are you celebrating NEW YEAR’S EVE this year?

I’ve been thinking about spending one night in a nice city. Maybe go to Brussels or Paris with the Eurostar train, Manchester has been on my mind as well. I would really love to visit this city very soon. But is it worth the hassle just for one night? What do you think?


I love London with all my heart, but for this very special night on 31st of December, I am keen on escaping asap.

Last year I was invited to a house party in central London, which was very cool. Unfortunately my friends and I where to keen to see the fireworks so we traveled into the city’s madness to be trapped somewhere near Waterloo with billion trizillion other people to see a few minutes of actually not sooooo super great fireworks. Getting home from there was a freezing nightmare.

The year before I had one of my best New Year’s Eve. I celebrated on a Bosporus Dinner cruise in Istanbul. It was just amazing, nice food, entertainment, happy people and we were able to see the fireworks of the whole city around us. Recommend it 100% !!

I would love to hear some stories about unforgettable special new year’s celebrations. Where would you definitely go again to spend a nice last day of the year?

Where would you like to be at midnight and scream “Happy New Year”?


I assume I should make up my mind quiet soon eh? It might probably be just me and my boyfriend this time, we are looking for the right city, locations to have dinner and for party. Please help dear WordPress Community. Much appreciated 🙂

Thank you all, kind regards



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