VENICE – get lost and fall in Love


Oh what a great time we had!!
Venice during carnival is an absolute must, I would recommend it to everyone! ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น๐ŸŽญ๐Ÿ‘
We arrived Sunday 22nd at Venice Marco Polo airport, from there we took bus number 5 to go to the centre, Piazzale Roma, as our lovely apartment family had recommended to us. From Piazzale Roma we started the first of many Vaporetto rides, boat number 5.1 took us to Lido island in about 30 minutes. During the boat ride you get the first taste of what is going to expect you in this amazing city: great architecture of an Italian City that was built on water, without cars or busses and with lots of people in masquerade during carnival.

We booked our apartment with AirBnb, it was very nice,sunny and offered everything you need for a self -catering stay. Further, their price was amazing and fair compared to all the hotels in Venice which increase their rates like crazy during carnival season!
Here is the link to the apartmentย .

A lady on the plane gave us the best advice you could get for Venice: get lost! And that’s what we did, walking around all day with no particular plan, through all those little side walks and alley ways, it was amazing. By day 3 we realised that by doing this we got the know the city quiet good and were able to walk our own short cuts from the main square Piazza San Marco all the way to Rialto Bridge. We definitely fell in love with the city’s charms, the relaxed atmosphere and quietness of a city without cars and busses, the Italian mentality and food (‘this a how a pizza must taste like’ moments!!) and of course the breath taking experience of carnival and the stunning costumes!
Here is a best of my pics where you can also see where we enjoyed delicious food














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xxx, Amona


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