Day2 – Explore Marrakesh

Our lovely lodge offered a free shuttle service to go to the city, outbound 10.00am, inbound 5.00pm. In advance we told the reception we would individually go back as we wanted to stay in the city longer. We didn’t know we would gladly change our mind in a couple of hours.

Marrakesh is something different, it is not the most beautiful place, not the most exciting, BUT there is a unique atmosphere and it’s all about people working in the souks wanting you to buy something. The key word hear is BARGAIN – TO THE MAX. You can not, at any point accept the first offer, ever. They come up with fantasy numbers, it’s hilarious.

We also went to the place where they manufacture all the leather from animals and prepare it to be then made into bags etc. When you arrive they give you the “arabic gasmaks” a bunch of mint leaves which you are supposed to inhale. If you don’t, good luck, as this is the most stinky place I have ever been to, this place, where they wash and scrub and do all sorts to the leather, wow. I have found a funny review on Tripadvisor about the “overwhelming, disgusting smell” 🙂

Impressive, and those man are working hard. After 5 minutes, you just want to get out of there. Very nice men then guide you to come and see some of the shops nearby, and they will most likely get offended if you don’t buy anything. It’s stressful, but I’m happy I’ve purchased a wonderful carpet for my mum’s birthday in July 🙂

For lunch, we found a beautiful place, it’s called Terrasse des épices, highly recommend the Couscous poulet.


10931118_10204234044276346_6550011715864672703_n4.45 PM, after walking through the whole souks, getting lost a few times, trying to literally escape from the shops, we were happy to take advantage of our free shuttle service back to the hotel. Once there, we had a little pre-dinner nap. Marrakesh has taken a lot of energy from us. Still, a MUST SEE if you go to Morocco.


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