Day3 – A trip to the Atlas Mountains

In advance I had booked a little trip called “The Berber Trials” via ISANGO. This company claims to have the tours with the best price you can find, in fact, it’s the cheapest tour I’ve found during all my research.

We were picked up by the hotel (may I reveal 2 hours late and I almost freaked out thinking we would miss everything) and then joined a group of other English tourists. Actually it was amazing being picked up as our lodge was outside of the city. Usually all trips start with pick up in Marrakesh city centre. We were also allowed to bring our luggage with us, as I planned to go to Essaouria that same evening.

The trip started of with visiting a pottery place, where they showed us how they do the traditional moroccan tagine pots. Very nice.

After wards we made our way in 4×4 vans uphill into the high atlas mountains, impressive scenery was waiting for us.

Having spend hours in Marrakesh trying to bargain for things, it was a shock seeing people who live in the mountains and try to sell necklaces for 1 DIRHAM (!!!). Wow! Makes you think how much money is actually worth.

We went on to visit a Berbers – Wikipedia family’s house, we were invited in to enjoy some delicious homemade mint tea and bread with olive oil. mmmmm yummy!! Mean while we learned a bit about Moroccan culture.


Afterwards we had another stop to enjoy the view before they brought us to a lovely restaurant to enjoy lunch. We had nice conversations with other tourists from Manchester and Scotland.

After lunch there were two other stops. We had spoken to the tour guide in the beginning and we told him that we would go to Essaouria straight after, so he told the driver to drop us straight at Marrakesh bus station, to find our SUPRA TOURS coach bus. What a nice service. We booked our tickets. 140 DIRHAM for 2 persons one way, and were off to our next stop.


It took about 3 1/2 hours south west to reach the coast of lovely Essaouria, were we would spend our next two nights.

We stayed at Federico’s lovely flat with nice view, booked via AIRBNB:

Downstairs in the same building, there is Federico’s Italian restaurant, GUSTO ITALIA, were we enjoyed nice, non-moroccan food, while our host gave us great recommendations on what to see and where to go.

Again, mille grazie Federico!


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